A two-way means of communication. Traditional media is still a good way to get your message out, but social media takes communication to a whole new level. It allows you to connect directly with your customers and build a relationship with each one.


Connections. Conversations. Community. Social media is a whole new communications channel. New ideas seem to be popping up each day and Big Brainz Creative will help you determine which ones will be the most effective for you.


A Facebook feed is also integrating into the website pictured at the right.

Social Media

CASE STUDY: In addition to creating their website,  a non-profit organization wanted Big Brainz Creative to develop a blog that various people could update easily and integrate with other social media. A WordPress blog was designed by BBC to match the organization's branding strategy and, with YouTube videos, incorporated into the website. WordPress training was provided to key personnel.

Left brain, right brain - merging the technical & logistical qualities of the left brain

with the design & fluidity of the right brain - together it is Big Brainz Creative.