Logo Design & Branding

Your brand should tell the story about your product or service. When you think about successful companies, a vision of their logo comes to mind. And that's what makes a good logo - memorable.


Having a great logo is only half of the story. A branding strategy ensures consistent use and integration of the logo into every communication piece your company produces. This is critical when trademarking a logo and making sure it becomes identified with your business or organization.


Whether your existing logo needs a facelift, redesign, or a whole new design concept, Big Brainz Creative will work closely with you to create a logo and branding strategy that you'll be proud to call your own!


CASE STUDY: A research and development group specializing in the development of animal vaccines contacted Big Brainz Creative to develop a logo for their lab. After a meeting with the client, it was decided to pursue ideas that included a microscope, micro organisms, dna molecule and veterinarian symbol. The colors represent a staining procedure known within the industry. The smaller logos at the top were presented to the client and the larger one at the bottom is the final version.

Equally important is the development of a logo that will also reproduce well in black and white. Logos are provided in a variety of electronic formats and sizes.

Left brain, right brain - merging the technical & logistical qualities of the left brain

with the design & fluidity of the right brain - together it is Big Brainz Creative.