Promoting a product or service to your customer in a unique and well-executed manner. That's our definition of creative marketing. While creative and marketing often go hand-in-hand,  breaking through the advertising clutter means putting an emphasis on the creative part - developing a different solution for each situation.


Creativity sets your marketing efforts apart. Brainstorming ideas is just half of it. Equally important is the execution of the idea, making sure each detail has been thought through. That's where the true synergy takes place.


Complete design and planning for:

- Fundraisers

- Special Events

- Raffles

- Give-aways

- Presentations

- Tradeshows



Creative Marketing

CASE STUDY: The Ruffed Grouse Society wanted a way to generate youth interest  and support in the organization. One member was in the position to donate a puppy and an idea was born - have a puppy give away! The positioning of this was critical to avoid any perception of animal cruelty. Strict requirements were put in place and included in all promotional materials that the winner was subject to in-home interviews with a panel with included experienced dog handlers and breeders. Area schools were excited to help spread the word via posters and flyers and each entrant needed to submit a detailed entry form.

The puppy give away was a winner on several for the organization and for the two children that ended up with a puppy and free professional training.

Press Release

Flyer/Entry Form


Bike raffle campaign including ticket tracking and event scheduling

Left brain, right brain - merging the technical & logistical qualities of the left brain

with the design & fluidity of the right brain - together it is Big Brainz Creative.