Brainz. Each part of the brain controls different parts of who we are. Your brains are Paul Howlett, Diane Anderson and Bryan Smith.  We are a trio of non-conformists that bring a fresh, unconventional look and precise-ness to the design work we do.


• Paul takes a fresh approach to the customer service side of things by bringing unique ideas and a great deal of experience. During the day, Paul can be found instructing graphic students at Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park campus. He also volunteers for the Skills USA program, an organization that partners teachers, students and industry to ensure a skilled workforce and responsible citizens. His passions include photography, hiking, and kayaking.


• Diane has created and headed up marketing and advertising departments for large companies with even larger budgets to providing freelance services for small start-up businesses. Keeping up on software and hardware advancements in the industry has brought her from the days of keylining and paste-up to MacPluses to the high-powered PCs and software suites. Diane’s experience with all aspects of marketing and all types of advertising vehicles give her the ability to take an idea from concept through completion.


• Bryan's experience covers many different areas of design, creativity, and technology. First picking up a camera at age 7, he has been fascinated by photography and creativity ever since. His first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 135, provided an insight to a world only photography can provide. He now uses a high resolution Nikon digital SLR, focusing on smaller product shots, specializing in jewelry. He has worked in the design and print production fields for 11 years at a small math publishing company. His technical expertise in computers started in 1997.  His technicality extends to computers as well as he has been building and troubleshooting computers since 1999.  With his technical experience and the eye of a photographer, he will bring a level of detail and precision that will get the best out of your project.


See how Big Brainz Creative can help you achieve your goals, creatively and technically, on time, on budget and on target!


Paul (St. Paul, Minnesota): p- 651.271.7160 e-

Diane (Eagle River, Wisconsin): p- 715.617.6822 e-

Bryan (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota): p- 612.296.5393 e-

Paul and Xander proudly displaying their smiling faces.

Diane proudly displaying a client's car magnet.

Bryan proudly displaying his love of raspberry taffy.